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Calm before the storm

Shop floor plan

Posted on 2008.02.18 at 16:59
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The floor plan for Russell and Fletcher's new shop. Two stories, with a small garden out back and a kitchen upstairs. Russell is rather found of the work room in the back half of the shop. The greenhouse windows give the building a distinctive look and are very practical.

First FloorCollapse )

Second FloorCollapse )

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Posted on 2007.11.12 at 00:00
Current Location: Central, Amestris
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Russell and Fletcher's shop wasn't anything too fancy, just a store front with a cozy apartment upstairs and enough space for a garden out back. There were plants of all kinds taking in the sunlight from the greenhouse style front windows that looked out into the street (the only really distinct feature of the place), bookshelf lined walls (filled with a collection three years in the making and still growing), and small tables and shelves scattered throughout the main room, every surface so covered by greenery that it was difficult to see what they rested on (and almost crowded enough to get lost in).

It hadn't been a very busy day so far, it was mostly the regular customers that had stopped by, looking for advice on planting this or that or needing something fixed. Not very many people came in on Sundays.

Fletcher had been away for most of the weekend, working on his own research, which left Russell with the place to himself. He was looking forward to getting some of his own work done that he had no time for during the week.

Russell is pretty sure that no one else would stop by today, but he leaves the open sign out and keeps the door between the front and back rooms open, just in case.

The lab takes up the back section of the shop and is by far Russell's favorite room in the place. There are two desks (Russell's is the messiest), a work table dotted with a mix of microscopes, glass beakers, empty pots, and notebooks.

Russell decides to deal with the newly potted plants first, wondering if there is even any more room in the front to put them.

Still, that won't be a problem, he is an alchemist, after all.

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Posted on 2007.11.11 at 23:16
The fireball had blazed overhead and Russell had watched, standing alone in the broken street, until he could stand no longer.

He slumped against the beanstalk, taking a while to compose himself.

He hadn't had the heart to destroy the beanstalk yet, and he entertained the notion of just leaving it. As a monument and a reminder.

It would eventually get cut down anyway, Russell finally decided, reaching up to cut one of the leaves off. He scratched a quick array to shrink the plant completely back into the ground, sending it back under the broken stones of the road.

Russell glanced up and down the street.

Time to move forward.


Months passed.

Putting Central back together would be a huge task and it still looked liked it would be years before things would be back to normal. Russell and Fletcher helped as much as they could, until it became evident that not much more could be done.

The brothers went back to Xenotime for a short while, staying until Russell's restlessness led them to do some traveling.

Their traveling, which lasted for far longer than first planned, involved touring the country, researching, working, and never staying in one place for too long.

Not once since the disaster had he found the door back to the bar. He held out hope that it would appear one day when he needed it the most, and that maybe, maybe, there would be someone there waiting for him. He never stopped looking.

Russell didn't much talk about why he felt the need to keep moving, that was something only he felt he understood completely. Anyway, he wasn't quite sure he could explain how he was both following and searching for something. Or maybe it was simply a way of keeping busy.

When the time came for them to return to where they had started, three years had passed.

Three years that had gone by in a stop and start motion that somehow seemed to match the pace of their journey. But being back in Central calmed Russell down quite a bit and he settled in easily.

And even if Russell sometimes had a far away look on his face as he drifted off, he was home and he was content.

Calm before the storm

And their world changes...

Posted on 2007.11.02 at 17:41
Current Location: Central, Amestris
There had been an earthquake weeks earlier. It had frightened the citizens of Central and had been talked about for days. But it was mostly agreed that something like that wouldn't happen again for a very long time.

It seems that they were wrong.

The day the second one struck, Russell had worked out in the back garden in the morning, had lunch with Fletcher and, for someone unknown reason, had ended up visiting a familiar church.

It had been a nice day outside, by all respects, and Russell had just come back from his chance meeting with Al. He was contemplating taking his dinner in Milliways after talking with Fletcher.

It just so happens that Russell wouldn't make it back to Milliways for a very long time.

Quite suddenly, as these things happen, the floors and walls and windows - the entire world, it seemed - began shaking violently.

Beakers fell from the table to the floor, windows panes shattered, and Russell pushed Fletcher out of the way as one of the bookshelves that lined the wall crashed forward.

Neither had time to spare a look at their ruined experiments, broken microscopes, and fallen plants, as they ran outside.

It is a narrow street, lined with shops and homes, most of them more than one floor.

And they were all crumbling.

Calm before the storm

Newspaper clippings

Posted on 2007.10.30 at 23:25
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Posted on 2007.10.30 at 22:34
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
The Cathedral still looks the same as the last time he had been there. Russell isn't surprised. The door was still missing though, of course. He had made sure to close it behind Ed all that time ago, it was dangerous to leave something like that around for anyone to find.

He's still not sure why he decided to come today; maybe for the memories, maybe on a search for answers.

Answers for all the strange things that had been taking place over the past month.

Or maybe he was just looking for someplace quiet, to think.

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You know what they say about well laid plans...

Posted on 2007.08.30 at 21:27
Current Mood: worrieddistraught
Russell had every intention of making himself bound to Milliways indefinitely but, unfortunately, Bar had other ideas.

So when Fletcher replied to his first letter and Russell approached the door with a quick reply, intending to slide it under, he ended up back at home.

Russell could have sworn that the door had sucked him in and Russell had never hated a door so much before in his life.

He tried everything he knew to get back, going almost insane with desperation, until Fletcher came home and stopped him from transmuting an axe from a tree branch.

He only hoped that Ed would understand why he was gone.


Russell was able to admit that it was a good thing he was back home.

One of his patients had gone into relapse and if he hadn't been there, Fletcher wouldn't have been able to save her by himself.

He didn't even stop to think that Bar might have known that this would happen.


In the same fashion that Russell was forced out of Milliways, he found himself unceremoniously dumped onto the floor in the middle of the bar one day.

Staggering to his feet and grumbling in annoyance, he made his way toward the stairs.

And if he happened to be looking around the bar anxiously as he walked, well, he had good reason.

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Letters, slid under the door that connects with Milliways

Posted on 2006.11.15 at 19:08
Current Mood: determined

I stayed at Milliways once before without telling you where I was, so I am making sure I don't do that again. I don't want you to worry, I am fine here, using my stay to conduct more research on earth medicine with our friend the doctor.

But that is not the only reason why I am staying, brother, and neither is it the main reason. It has nothing to do with the experiment and I am in perfect health. I just want you to know that me not telling you the reason for my stay is not a lack of trust in you, I just need to figure something out on my own first. Maybe I will be able to tell you someday, but I can't right now, not yet. I hope you can understand.

I do not know how long I will be here but if there are any changes or news about the research, I'll send word. You should be able to write back to me from home even though I've never tried it before. If I don't get word from you in two days, I'll come and make sure everything is alright, if only to stop myself from worrying about you.

I know you will do well on your own, checking on the sick children and taking care of the experiment. I should have let you take that responsibilty a long time ago like I know you wanted. I wouldn't be staying if I didn't think you could handle it. And remember, if you ever get lonely, Mrs. Hadfield is upstairs, you know how much she appreciates it when we visit.

Your loving brother,



I have received your letter without any trouble and I hope this attempt at contacting you will work.

Brother, I wish I could go to this place that you always seem to be disappearing to, if only to convince myself that it actually exists. Though I have caught glimpses of it and our friend the doctor is from there, it is still difficult for me to believe.

But I trust you, brother. I always will. So if you say that you need some space to think, then I won't beg for you to return.

Everything is going very well on this side and I'm going to visit Belsio for a few days to double check on our progress there. He tells me that the town's crops are thriving and I think they even want to give us a party, brother!

I'm leaving Puffy with Mrs. Hadfield as she always tells me that she loves cats just as much as I do. You should see this new trick she can do! Puffy, I mean, not dear Mrs. Hadfield, that would be too silly. I found out that some mice had been getting into our garden outback and Puffy chased them away all on her own. Except for that one I let her eat but I had too brother, she looked at me so cute!

I hope you are finding whatever it is that you're searching for and don't worry about me, I don't get lonely easily. I hope to hear from you soon.



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Posted on 2006.09.11 at 19:01
Russell hadn't known who else to ask for help so it was very lucky that he spotted Dr. Fraiser in the bar as he slams the door shut behind him.

"Doctor I know this is short notice but the sickness has gotten worse."

He says it all in a rush, not even taking time to catch his breath from the running.

Janet, being ever the professional, doesn't have to ask him twice, "take me to them." She asks bar for her med kit on the way out, which she always keeps at the ready for emergencies like this. In addition to the med kit, a duffel bag pops up and Janet grabs it automatically without realizing what it could mean.

And then they're out the door.


"We've tested this before with a ninety-five percent success rate," Janet reassures the child's father who, in turn, looks around to Russell. "It's the best thing we have," Russell adds, which seems to make up the father's mind.

He nods in assent and moves out of their way.


The check ups for the children are all positive but Russell won't rest until the sickness is completely gone. Janet admires his deterministic attitude but has no idea what it stems from...Russell has yet to tell her everything, not used to having an adult who listens to him for more than just his research findings.

At the end of that first day, Janet, Russell and Fletcher all return exhausted. Russell gives up his room to Janet, transmuting a feather bed for her while squeezing in with Fletcher. He can't get to sleep and ends up reading through his notes on the foreign medication for the hundredth time. He doesn't notice that he eventually falls asleep until Fletcher shakes him awake saying breakfast is ready.


It had been three days so far, with all results still positive, and Janet has started to worry about Cassie. Deciding on making a quick visit back to Milliways to let them know where she went, Russell tells her how to get back.

Unfortunately, Bar doesn't think it was such a good idea and Janet ends up being temporarily (she hopes) stuck in Central.


"Russell...are you feeling alright?" Janet queries anxiously.

The restless nights had been getting to him which was obviously apparent to everyone. Before he can say anything, Janet continues, "what do you say we get some fresh air? I've been wanting to see more of this city that I've heard so much about."

It's a lighter form or mothering mode because, whatever he says otherwise, Russell is still only a kid.

It actually sounds like a good idea. He smiles genuinely.



Fletcher hadn't questioned the appearance of this strange new doctor, accepting Russell's assurance that she was completely trustworthy and knew what she was doing.

He was becoming increasingly curious about this mysterious bar that his brother often mentioned. After all, it's difficult to pretend that the place doesn't exist when someone (who he can immediately tell is foreign) suddenly shows up in the kitchen.


While Janet learned more about Amestris and attempted to gain an understanding of alchemy, Russell and Fletcher both learned a great deal about this new medication from a place called 'Earth'. The three of them set about trying to synthesize it from herbs native to Amestris but, by the time Bar finally decided to let Janet return to Milliways, they hadn't made much progress.

Russell was just happy to have more to research. Once he finds a way to make the medicine at home, he will finally have something solid to present at his State Alchemist exam.

After Janet's insistance that he could get some more medical journals from Earth back at Milliways, Russell finally agrees to return for a few days.

Fletcher is perfectly capable of handling the check ups on his own and practically shoves his brother through the door, catching a glimpse of the place as he does so.

Janet's first order of business? Finding Cassie.

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OOM: A favor for a friend

Posted on 2006.05.08 at 12:01
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
It had been a long trip, longer than Russell had anticipated, anyway.

Russell and Fletcher arrive home, leaving their luggage by the door for now as they both head to the kitchen.

"It was nice to see Al again, wasn't it brother?"

"It was," Russell replied simply, collapsing into the nearest chair. He couldn't help it, the table looked too comfortable. He rests his head in his arms.


"Is something wrong?"

Russell looks up quickly.

"Huh? No, why would you think that?"

"Because I left for five minutes and you fell asleep," Fletcher gives him as much a disapproving look as he can, it always manages to make Russell feel guilty.

"Get some proper rest, please brother?"

Russell also couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes and his bed sounded much more comfortable than the table right now anyway.

He really was tired, it had been a tiring trip after all.

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